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An hour and a half by road along the highway will take you to the capital of the Caliphate of Al Andalus. The local guide will make you love his city, with a visit to the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, with its magnificent gardens and rooms decorated with mosaics; then we will head to the Umayyad Mosque, the largest of the West for centuries, now Cathedral after the Christian conquest. From here turn to the Jewish quarter, to tour the antique market, crafts market today, its streets and its typical squares, like the flowers to find the monument to Maimonides and the small synagogue.
After free time for lunch and return to Seville.

It is a full-day excursion.

Excursion to Cordoba :

The first stop is at the Alcázar. Amble around the lush, expansive gardens and unwind within this tranquil space hidden in the heart of Cordoba. Stroll among waterfalls and ponds, inhale fragrant orange groves and flowers, and relax under shady trees. Then venture inside to admire decorative mosaics and grandiose rooms. Continue on to the Old Mosque that also houses a Catholic cathedral. Weave around endless columns and rest in the cool interior of the cathedral. Then visit the captivating Jewish quarter, including the old market and the Old Synagogue. Linger at craft shops and sun-drenched terraces before enjoying some free time for lunch or independent shopping.

Guided tour of Cordoba

Inclusions :

  • Admission to the Alcázar
  • Admission to Old Mosque
  • Admission to Old Synagogue
  • Courtesy hotel pick-up and drop-up from central Seville hotels
  • Roundtrip transportation via bus
  • Commentary in English,Frensh and Spanish

Tues. and Thurs.

9 hours

Departure time and location:
Approx. 8 AM; the reception desk of most hotels in central Seville

Return time and location:
Approx. 5 PM; central Seville hotels


Last Islamic stronghold in Spain, where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in harmony.
After about three little hour road through olive groves in Andalusia, we got to Granada.
The Alhambra is the jewel of the city at the foot of Sierra Nevada. The local guide wait for us to visit the Citadel, the royal palace, the Generalife Gardens, …
It’s lunchtime, Granada is one of the few places where the “tapa” is served free with the drink. Well, for that. We have time for this, or a quiet meal in a restaurant, and for visiting the market in Vip Rambla, for a souvenir of the city.
We return to Seville.

It is a trip of about 12 hours

Guided visit to GranadaInclusions :

  • Admission to the Alhambra and the Gardens of Generalife
  • Courtesy hotel pick-up and drop-up from central Seville hotels
  • Roundtrip transportation via bus
  • Commentary in English,Frensh and Spanish

Wed., Fri. and Sun.

13 hours

Departure time and location:
Approx. 6 AM; the reception desk of most hotels in central Seville

Return time and location:
Approx. 7 PM; central Seville hotels



Getting name (White Villages) from the custom of the inhabitants of frequently whitewashed facades of their houses.
Located in one of the largest natural park in our comunity, is a style of locations that can only be found in Andalusia interior.
Many of these towns were founded by Berber tribes that settled in the area for eight centuries of Muslim presence.
Our route starts in Zahara de la Sierra, where we´ll arrive after an hour’s drive. A stop for breakfast will not be wrong.
Zahara is National Heritage. It shows the castle, its narrow streets and a magnificient view of the “Sierra”.
Grazalema be our next destination, the particular charm of its whitewashed streets, wrought iron balconies, the beauty of its squares, the landscape around him, the view from the top of the town …
At lunchtime we arrived at Setenil de las Bodegas.
After resting lunch time, we begin a walk through the original village, its main attraction is the structure of the village, given its urban fabric, which descends from the castle to adapt the course of the river. Thus, the buildings are located inside the rocks and caves eroded by the Setenil river for centuries.It is a full-day excursion.

Sevilla Monumnetal Tour :

sevilla foto

Walking tour of the most important monuments of Seville. Alcazar, Santa Cruz Quarter and Cathedral.
Visit Alcazar: It highlights different palaces of various periods (Mudejar, Renaissance …) and its gardens which evoke his Muslim past. We´ll discover the legends of King who built: Pedro I the Cruel, or the Just.

Visit the Barrio de Santa Cruz Seville’s Jewish Quarter, stroll through its narrow streets, squares where it was instead the medina of Seville, later transformed into Jewish quarter.

Visit Cathedral and Giralda. The last point of our visit will be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, in Seville, where we will enjoy the largest wooden altar made of Christendom, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the sacristy and works of the most prestigious artists all time: Zurbaran, Murillo, Goya …

 La Plaza de Toros y Triana Tour:


In this tour we will see the most taurine Seville. We begin with a visit to the Royal Maestranza, the Plaza de Toros in Seville, is one of the oldest arenas of Spain and the first in a circular (oval) form. There will discover many secrets of the art of bullfighting and its origins in the Museo Taurino. Then we´ll cross the Puente de Triana, the oldest in the city to move into the district of Triana, the “other Seville” with its nice interior courtyards, alleys, its markets and the many pottery workshops.

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