ANDALUCIA: Is the meeting point of two continents, Africa and Europe, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

It is located at the south of the Iberian Peninsula and is the southernmost point of Europe. Its northern frontier is marked by the Sierra Morena Mountains, which separate the Castilian plain to the north and the Guadalquivir River basin to the south. To the west, the Guadiana River separates Andalusia from Portugal in the province of Huelva.

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Andalusia’s age-old history has left behind a wealth of artistic heritage. The Alhambra in Granada, the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Giralda Tower and old town of Seville are all World Heritage sites, but the majority of its towns and villages also bear witness to the peak of Andalusia’s artistic heritage over the ages.



Southern Spain is an open bright land.

Over the length and breadth of the rich geography in its eight provinces are hidden away lovely towns, dream countryside, architectural jewels and countless picturesque places, worthy of praise for their beauty and immeasurable architectural heritage, and that have aroused interest over the centuries in different civilizations and cultures.

We have made a collection of the best routes in Andalusia to get the flavour of the monuments and traditions of historic towns that transmit the magic present in all corners of this unique land, Andalusia.


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A thousand kilometres of coastline with one common factor: the Sun. Let yourself be captivated by Andalusia’s coast, where you will find a succession of unspoilt beaches, majestic cliffs, salt marshes teeming with wildlife and a little-known underwater world just waiting to be discovered.


You’ll find it a veritable paradise for your holidays. With pleasant temperatures no matter what the season, Andalusia’s outstanding beaches are a gift to any traveller.


Small coves and immense golden-sand beaches line the hundreds of kilometres of Andalusia’s coast, where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Andalusia’s beaches are its natural heritage and have their own personality. The coastline, encompassing theAlmeria Coast, the Costa Tropical in Granada, the Costa del Sol  in Malaga, the Costa de la Luz  in Cadiz and the Costa de la Luz  in Huelva, is an idyllic natural setting, with warm waters and non-stop sunshine.


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Andalusia has been an object of desire for the most advanced cultures and civilisations since the beginning of history. Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans laid the foundations of many of the cities that amaze us today with their artistic and historic heritage.


In its time under Arab control, Andalusia’s major cities played a unique role in the world, which continued for centuries more with the discovery of America.


The coming and going of accents and voices left behind a catalogue of culture and monuments that constitute the principal asset of Andalusia, which today conserves an historic and artistic heritage that is unique in the world.