From May to October:

One day Tour with departure from Plaza Cataluña :


08.30 h. Departure from Barcelona
               Plaza Catalunya.
10.15 h. Arrival in Calella de Palafrugell.
11.15 h. Walk around “Camino de Ronda”.
11.45 h. Arrival in Llafranc.
12.15 h. Arrival in Pals. Walking tour.
13:45 h. Arrival in Estartit. Free time.
15.00 h. Sail with boat around
                Medes Islands.
17.00 h. Arrival to Empuries remains.
               Visit the site and museum.
18.00 h. Return to Barcelona.
20.00 h. Arrival in Barcelona
               Plaza Catalunya.
 TOUR DESCRIPTION : On this tour we are going to visit the Girona coast, christened 100 years ago as the Costa Brava. The name is due to its unique rocky, rugged and cut shape coastline, composed of small coves surrounded by pine forests and lapped by crystal water.Its natural wealth and beauty is apparent in several territories and protected areas, such us Cap de Creus, the Emporda Marshes and the Marine Reserve Medes islands.The fame of Costa Brava is also due to its villages. Small fisherman towns, with whitewashed walls and narrow winding streets, today still retain their charm. This area has historically been a point of entry, transit, and settlement for different cultures and civilizations. Each has left its footprints, which is evidenced by the Greek and Roman sites in Empuries.Our intention is to show in one day the most representative and emblematic sites along the northeastern shores of Catalunya, places of unsurpassable beauty that will give you a taste of all this area has to offer.
The Costa Brava is not to be missed
Our departure is from Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona every Monday and Thrusday at 8:30am, we recommend being there about 15 minutes before.
We will take the motorway and about 10:15am we are going to arrive in Calella de Palafrugell, a small fisherman’s village that still retains today the traditional appearance of the past. It is a village of great beauty in both architecture and landscape. The town, splashed with small bays, becomes a fusion of land and sea that is an incomparable setting. We will have free time to explore the village, enjoy the scenery and for sure, take great photographs.
About 11:15am, we will start a walk along Camino de Ronda, which is going to lead us to the neighborhood town of Llafranc. We will walk about 30 minutes, suitable for all ages, easy terrain for everyone.The “Camino de Ronda” borders all the Costa Brava and was used to control the maritime smuggling. Today, thanks to this, you can discover beautiful spots that wouldn’t be otherwise accessible.23012492754_e40d3d0141_bLlafranc is also a small, elegant and captivating seaside town, with all the delightfulness of the towns on this coast.descarga

About 12:00am we will travel to Pals, a town located inland and on the top of a hill. The village is built entirely in an integrated medieval site. At the top there is a cylindrical tower from the XII century, which is visible from far away. It has an excellent terrace that offers stunning views of the Costa Brava and surroundings.

Walking through the cobbled streets you will feel like you have gone back in time. Take time to appreciate the round arches, facades with pointed windows arches, stone balconies, all perfectly restored.


Our next visit is to l’Estartit, seaside village with an important port famous worldwide as being an important diving center because the Medes Islands archipelago lies only one kilometer from the coast.

Medes islands are of great interest for the wide variety of flora and fauna that inhabit in the whole marine area, with more than 1200 species classified. The ecosystem has been identified as the best marine reserve in the occidental Mediterranean. It was declared as a National Natural Park and ZEPIM. (Special protected area of importance in the Mediterranean).


You will have free time to have lunch and take a small stroll around town and at 03:00pm we will get on board Nautilus, a boat with submarine vision.


The sailing is about 1h30. First we will go ahead to the outer islands. The views are spectacular, but also, through submerged cabins with large windows, you can enjoy an exceptional view of a sea floor full of life, as if you were diving! The itinerary continues to the stunning cliffs of Sierra de Montgrí only accessible by boat and one of the most preserved, unspoiled areas of Costa Brava.


Our last stop is at the extensive Greek and Roman ruins of Empuries, in which we are going to arrive around 5:00pm. Once there, we will start a visit around the whole site. It is the only site in Spain where both Greek and later a Roman city existed together. Empuries is also located in a privileged surrounding, just in front of the sea.


In the Greek city we can admire the remains of city walls, the acropolis, the market square and numerous buildings. Outside the archaeological site we can see the Greek port of the I century Before Christ, where in 1992 arrived the Olympic torch for the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

In the roman city the highlights are a mosaic floor in excellent condition, the forum, remains of an amphitheater, several statues and vestiges of street frameworks.

At 6:00pm the tour is finished and we go back to Barcelona, where about 8:00pm we will arrive at Plaza Catalunya.


INCLUDED IN PRICE: comfortable bus, professional guide, ticket for Nautilus boat, tickets to the site of Empuries and taxes.

CHILDREN: Free under 6 years old.







8.30 h. Departure from Barcelona. 
              Plaza Catalunya
9.45 h. Arrival in Lloret de Mar. 
                Free time
10:50h. Sailing tour to Tossa de Mar.
12.00 h. Arrival in Tossa de Mar. 
                Walking tour and free time.
15.00 h. Return to Barcelona.
16.30 h. Arrival in Barcelona.
                Plaza Catalunya .

On this tour we are going to visit the Girona coast, christened 100 years ago as the Costa Brava. The name is due to its unique rocky, rugged and cut shape coastline, composed of small coves surrounded by pine forests and lapped by crystal water.

 Its natural wealth and beauty is apparent in several territories and protected areas, such us Cap de Creus, the Emporda Marshes and the Marine Reserve Medes islands.
 The fame of Costa Brava is also due to its villages. Small fisherman towns, with whitewashed walls and narrow winding streets, today still retain their charm.
 This area has historically been a point of entry, transit, and settlement for different cultures and civilizations. Each has left its footprints until nowadays.
water ski
 In this half day tour we will discover the southern part of the Costa Brava visiting two villages that represent the essence of that coast. They are opposed to each other but, at the same time, complementary, and after few hours after leaving Barcelona, we will go back with a complete idea of what Costa Brava is.
 Our departure is from Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona every Saturday at 8:30am but we recommend to be there about 15 minutes earlier.
 We will take the motorway and after 1h15m we will be at Lloret de Mar, the main touristic village of Costa Brava. Upon arrival we immediately realize of its bustle: there will be multiple coaches arriving from all over Europe which bring visitors to enjoy its beaches, hotels, shops, activities and, above all, its lively nightlife.
 We will have about an hour to explore this colorful and dynamic village with strong personality.
 Along its unique beach promenade we will be able to enjoy great views of its beaches, arising from the majestic beach of Lloret to the hidden Sa Caleta. In addition, two small hills on both edges of the beach promenade are privileged view points throughout the site and surroundings.
 Walking through its narrow streets, which still have reminiscence of its recent maritime past, we will find plenty of shops to suit all tastes: from the latest brands to the typical beach bazaars.
 In the middle of its most famous shopping street we will also be able to admire architectural jewels of great value such as Saint Roma church, with an exquisite modernism style, and inside the church, a 16th century altarpiece which is still so well preserved.
 At approximately 11:30 am we will go on board DOFIJETS, which will lead us to the neighboring village of Tossa de Mar. During the sailing trip we will be able to enjoy the unique and characteristic landscape of Costa Brava: a procession of different huge cliffs which have been shaped in fanciful forms over the centuries by the strength of sea and wind.
 At about 12:00 pm we will get to the emblematic village of Tossa de Mar, considered “the pearl of Costa Brava” because in this small area we can find all those landscape and historic elements which have given it such well-deserved fame. Its spectacular sceneries, from its shores, beaches, caves in the cliffs to its lush vegetation, turn it into one of the locations that has better preserved its natural environment in perfect harmony with the tourism industry.
 History has left his footprints, from the Romans in the Vila Romana dels Ametllers, one of the most important villas in the ancient Roman province of Tarraco, which is a classic example of a Roman Mediterranean farming establishment, to its emblematic fortified Vila Vella or Old Town of Tossa, which was listed as an artistic-historic monument in 1931 as it is the unique remaining fortified medieval town on the Catalan coast. Today, little is left from the original 13th-century structure and today’s ramparts are the result of several restorations undertaken throughout the years, especially that one dating from the late 14th-century.
 Outside its walls, we can find the traditional fishing neighborhood, known as Sa Roqueta, which still maintains the sailor atmosphere of these typical villages on Costa Brava.
Once we arrive in Tossa de Mar, we will begin a walking tour from the beach, following the fortified perimeter up to the lighthouse on the top, for those who are interested. Over there, you will appreciate stunning views from the coastline. When descending, we will go through the narrow streets and stony houses of Vila Vella until we get to the fishing district. From there on, you will have free time to have lunch. This village has the greatest gastronomic offer from all Costa Brava.
 A peaceful walk around the beach will help us find places with unique perspectives on that site. The Roma Vila dels Ametllers, with well-preserved mosaic floors, is located in the city center and is easily accessible, with free admission and explanatory panels. A complete visit is recommended. You cannot leave Tossa de Mar without walking around the small and attractive shops on its typical streets.

 At 3:00pm the tour will be finished and we will go back to Barcelona, where we will arrive at about 4:30 pm at Plaza Catalunya.

INCLUDED IN PRICE: Transport, professional guide, ticket for boat and taxes. 

 CHILDREN: Free under 6 years old. 







8.00 h. Departure from Barcelona

10.00 h. Arrival in Púbol.
               Visit Gala castle.
12.30 h. Arrival in Port lligat
               Port-lligat. Walk.
13.00 h. Arrival in Cadaqués.
               Free time.
16.00 h. Arrival in Figueres.
               Visit Teatre-Museu Dalí
                and Jewels Exhibition
17.40 h. Walk along Figueres to
              Dalí’s born house.
18.00 h. Return to Barcelona.
21.30 h. Arrival in Barcelona.

For this excursion we have created a tour to better understand the unique and distinctive painter, Salvador Dali. As if following his tracks, we will not only discovering his diverse works but also those places which defined his vital journey and marked the explosive creativity of this famous Genius.

Following the thread of the figure Salvador Dali we are going to discover the northern part of Costa Brava: Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees end at the sea. There are rugged landscapes, raised by the force of the strong wind Tramontana, but it emphasizes the spectacular beauty. There, we will found Cadaques, unanimously considered to be the most picturesque village in Catalonia. Deservedly it has been and still is a source of inspiration for a numerous artists, from Picasso to his more representative neighbor: Salvador Dali, who settled in Port-Lligat, a small fishing place located in a charming bay near city center.

Our departure is from Barcelona at 8:00am. We will take the motorway and our first stop will be Pubol Castle. We are going to arrive about 10:00am, and we will start a detailed visit.

Pubol Castle is a display of love to his beloved Gala. In fulfillment of a promise to his wife 30 years before to give her a palace, in 1969 Dali purchased this Gothic-Renaissance castle. It was almost in ruins and Dali himself handled all the interior decoration. So the whole Castle become a Dali masterpiece – a gift to Gala for his own use.


During the visit we will see all the rooms. From the Gothic courtyard we will go up to the first floor where we will admire the shields hall, the piano room, Gala’s room, the library, the guest room and dining-room, all with paintings by the artist. On the top floor there is an exhibition of the best Gala dresses, all from important designers. (Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin…) Also we will descend to the crypt where there is the tomb of her lover and muse. The tour will finish in the romantic garden, which are home to some original elephant sculptures.

After Gala’s death in 1982 Dali settled in the Castle where he painted his last works. At this time he was conferred as Pubol Marques.

We will leave the castle towards Port-Lligat, in plain Cap de Creus, but before leaving take notice of the charming Pubol town.

We will arrive in Port-lligat about 12:30am. Here is the only Dali continual residence. When he bought it in 1930, it was a small fishing hut. However, over the years he had been enlarging and altering in his own style. It is he place where Dali fixed his studio and painted the majority of his works.

We cannot go inside the house, but just observing the light and beautiful surroundings of the Dali House we can perfectly understand how much inspiration it was for the painter. Taking in the calm sea horizon, splashed with small islands, visitors will surely experience a sublime peaceful moment. Walt Disney was delighted with the beauty of the place after visiting Dali in 1957.

About 13:00pm we will be in Cadaques, undoubtedly the most symbolic town in Costa Brava. Its white washed houses with the church on top has been painted and photographed by a multitude of artists over years and years.


In Cadaques you will have free time to have lunch, (It has a rich and varied cuisine) and also time to explore on your own this beautiful village, either walking through its narrow streets of the old town or walking along its shoreline. You will find everywhere the perfect image for getting unforgettable photographs. Surely you will understand why this gorgeous place has captivated so many different people.


At 15:00pm we will head to Figueras, Dali’s birth place and at 16:00pm we will enter the Theatre-museum. We also visit the Dali jewel Exhibition.

The museum was designed entirely by the artist. Dali renovated the ancient Municipal Theater, which was almost in ruins.

This Museum is the most outstanding representation of Dali surrealism. He conceived the museum as a “whole” – neither his works, nor the rooms follow any chronological or theme order. Today it is one of the most visited museums in the world.

It contains the broadest range of works spanning his artistic career, from his earliest artistic experiences to his latest creations. There are also pieces and impressive mural paintings made exclusively for the museum.

In the museum crypt, under a spectacular glass dome, Salvador Dali was buried in 1989.

The Jewels exhibition includes, among others things, the thirty-seven gold jewels set with gems of the old Owen Cheatham Collections and paintings on paper that Salvador Dalí made when designing the jewels.

About 17:40, and before our return to Barcelona, we will go for a little walk in Figueras center to the house where Dali was born in 1904, now closed to the public.

At 18:00pm we go back to Barcelona. And we will arrive about 19:30pm


The Complete One Week Costa Brava Package Itinerary :

This tour will take you throughout the whole Costa Brava

starting in Lloret de Mar and finishing in el Cap de Creus

(Roses and Cadaqués).

Some stops of this tour include Tossa de Mar, Sant Feliu de

Guíxols, Palamós, l’Estartit and l’Escala, Empuriabrava, Roses

and Cadaqués. Each one of these Catalan locations have their

own special charm.

A guide will show you the most important and prominent

parts of each location and will, of course, answer all your

questions and doubts.

All the hotels included in this tour are3 *** and 4**** rated

and, in each location you spend the night (Lloret de Mar,

Tossa de Mar, Palamós, l’Estartit and Roses) we suggest you

different activities related with sport so your stay in

Catalonia is even more perfect. Experiences such as scuba

diving, cycling, riding and kayaking as well as hiking routes.

Besides, you will also have the option of having lunch in

luxurious and traditional restaurants of the region.

Detailed tour information



 1st day – Monday:

Transfer from Barcelona’s airport (El Prat) or from Girona Airopot to Lloret de Mar (hotel)

Once your flight lands in our country, a car will be waiting for you at the airport in order to take you to your hotel in Lloret de Mar.

For this first day there are no complementary activities planned as the arrival hour is still unknown.

 2nd day – Tuesday:

Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar

You will visit Lloret in order to know a little bit more of this typical Catalan beach resort. You will

also get to Tossa de Mar, a traditional fishermen village next to Lloret, nowadays considered a compulsory

stop for those who spend their holidays in la Costa Brava.

You will have a free afternoon so you will be

able to enjoy on your own the part of Tossa that you

like the most: its beach, its streets, its medieval

quarter, etc.

You will spend the night in Tossa de Mar.

Once in Tossa de Mar we recommend you to

walk and wander its streets. You can’t forget its old

quarter (Vil·la Vella) nor its beach or several

27127-sejur costa brava 5

 3rd day – Wednesday:

Tossa de Mar – Palamós (with visits to Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Platja d’Aro)

You will leave Tossa behind and will head north to Sant Feliu de Guíxols. In order to get there you

must cross

Les Cadiretes massif. Once in Sant Feliu, you will be able to contemplate its beach,

monuments and streets as well as the neighbour village: S’Agaró, another touristic resort constructed

around Sant Pol’s beach.

You will continue heading north until you

get to Platja d’Aro where you will be able to

spend some time shopping or taking a walk along

its seafront.

Crossing Sant Antoni de Calonge you will

finally reach Palamós, another typical fishermen

village with one of the most important ports and

fish markets of the whole Catalan coast.

Once in Palamós, you can do different

activities such as a riding route around the city or

a kayaking route from a cove near Palamós.

4th day – Thursday:

Palamós – l’Estartit (with a visit to Pals)

You will do the first stop in Pals, a famous medieval village located in Baix Empordà region and

over a small hill that is mainly known because of its old quarter and its Romanesque tower (the Tower of


After that, you will reach l’Estartit, a coastal village known because of the Natural Park of les Illes

Medes, a protected natural reserve with lots of different species of flora and fauna.

In l’Estartit we recommend you to scuba dive for the first time taking into account that you are

located in an excellent environment. For you it will be a fantastic first experience.

You can do different hiking routes around the area, and if you have enough time, you can even reach l’Escala (a village you will visit the following day).

If you are feeling adventurous you can also climb to Montgrí’s castle and enjoy its amazing views of

the coast.

5th day – Friday:

L’Estartit – Roses (with visits to l’Escala and Cadaqués)

After spending the night in l’Estartit, you will head to l’Escala, another coastal village historically

related with fishermen located in the opposite side of

Montgrí. There you will be able to wander along tis

streets and seafront, which has breathtaking views of

the whole gulf of Roses. If you continue heading north,

you will reach the famous Greek and Roman ruins of


On your way to Roses, where you will spend the

night, you will cross the gulf and its Aiguamolls

(wetlands), another protected natural reserve.

From there you will be able to move freely and go to any

village you feel like to along the gulf and Cap de Creus, such as

Cadaqués. Particularly, there will be a visit programmed so you

can discover the village that inspired Dalí’s work so much.

6th day – Saturday:

Transfer Roses – Barcelona’s airport (El Prat)

A private car will take you back to Barcelona’s airport.

The tour will be finished then.

7th day – EXTRA NIGHT IN ROSES (from Saturday to Sunday)

If you want to spend more time in Roses, you can always make you tour one day longer and,

instead of coming back on Saturday you can return home on Sunday.

This extra day will be completely free of visits and transfers and you will be able to enjoy it

mainly by relaxing in the beach or doing any of the activities that we previously suggested you.

On Sunday, a private car will take you back to Barcelona’s airport. The tour will be then finished.


 Price per person

The shown price per person is approximate and is calculated for groups over 8 people

The price includes:

–A shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel and vice versa

–The rental of a private bus for all your transfers from town to town

–Half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)

–A guide that will show you all the emblematic places of each location you visit

Supplements and restaurants alike will be specified on the following section.

Price per person from October to April (off season) =

Price per person from May to September (high season) =

Supplements and complementary activities


Type Supplements and complementary activities Price per




Lunch at Fenals beach (Lloret de Mar)

Lunch in Tossa de Mar’s Vil·la Vella

Lunch in the city centre of Platja d’Aro

Lunch in the seafront of l’Estartit

Lunch at the seaport of Roses

Extra lunch at the seaport of Roses


Parasailing across Lloret’s beach

Horse ride around Palamós

Kayaking route from Palamós

Hiking and climbing combined to ge to Montgrí’s castle

First scuba diving experience in Illes Medes

Guided hiking route to Cala Montgó (l’Escala)

Ebike route + taste of typical wine and olive oil of l’Empordà

Ebike rental in Roses for half a day

Relax on a llaüt across Cadaqués or Roses’ coast

Accommodation EXTRA NIGHT (from Saturday to Sunday) in Roses.



We can organise various different holiday packages on demand according your needs and preferences.

Contact us  for more information about the price,avaibility,etc…. 

Feel free to send us an email and we will contact you. We look forward to discussing your travel requirements.